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summer '05 [entries|friends|calendar]
<3 Britty

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ahh [01 Mar 2006|07:21pm]
oh my god i fucked up.
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[02 Jan 2006|11:07pm]
[ mood | tired ]

my year in review

january- started off with taylor watching the oc and a black eye from cheering. I cheered a lot and had my first midterms. They were stressful as ever, but i did well on every one of them, so all my hard work paid off i suppose. There was a lot of snow, and I went semi dress shopping with veronica, melissa, and christine and I had no voice wut so ever lol. Thats basically all i remember.

february- cheered even more than last month. Our massive competing season began with a bang. We lost to Arlington CAthlic by like 4 points. February vacay, I had the worst cold ever and I couldnt talk for literally a week. I was my shy self at Melanies party, it was wicked fun tho. We competed again during vacation and got 3rd out of 7 in a division 1 competition (we were division 2) that was amazing!!! Also I went shopping during that vacay when I had no voice and some guy at ae opened the door while I was changing and luckily I was fully clothes lol. Spent valentines alone, but whats new?

march- still cheered a whole hell of a lot. I had the best weekend ever. One Friday was the semi and i danced the night away with friends in my green and turquoise dress and straigtened hair lol. Then the next day saturday, I had a competition...2 hours away! It was really fun, we took 3rd against very dificult teams. Then Sunday was CALS. Best cheering competition ever. We hosted and toook 2nd kicking north readings ass! yessss :) FUn times, later on in the season we placed third at regionals this time beating arlington cathlic by about 6 points and their dumb coach demanded a recount aha. At states we sucked and just missed nationals. Winter Season finally ended the day before spring sports started.

april- spring sports began full swing. i began full laziness and got out of shape. I did basically nothing all the time including vacation. Then my dad sprang on us that he was considering moving us to new jersey, We went there all of us 5 hours in the car, it was his second time visiting and our first.. I never told anyone about his first trip cuz i didnt think it was for real but it was. Dad was psyched about it and no one else was, we all raised hell about it the whole time. especially us kids, we were brats but hey i doidnt wat to move to a state that like the yankees and go to a school where theres 1,300 in my class where im just a statistic. Well we raised enough hell to change his mind for him and be mad at the world. for like a month and a half.

may- dad was still mad, and when he and brendan went to Tall Timber I was very relieved, until they came home early and in bad moods. That was jsut peachy. Then one week it rained like 5 days striaght. Good thing too cuz I needed sleeves that week. ashley turned 9 and melissa and i went to the movies w/her friends to see kicking and screaming....i think that was when the boys were away

june- my birthday!!! finally 15 :) and i had a kick ass party an we saw sisterhood of the travedling pants, it was awesome! and i broke a movie chair lol. Then we all sweated our balls off at graduation the next weekend, and cooled down at katies party. It was awesome :) day of champions for tumbling...nothing special just hot humid. Finals were a beast and i honestly didnt study very much and didn't do so hot on some of them, i still passed but my averages went down a bit w/those scores....god damn b's and c's. Then school got out and papa got admitted to the hospital, he was okay at the timee so i idnt panic and was able to enjoy my vacay at tor's camp with everyone. I learned how to switch on the tubes and me tor and christine dyed our hair funky cherry. i started working

July- worked and watched papa die basically. Saddest days of my life. Work sucked and i got a lot of hard core reading done. No really i read like 10 books that month b/c i didnt know wut to do with myself. I think I had my first real alcoholic drink too lol. Just out of curiosity and my parents dint give a fuck that month b/c they hwere wicked stressed, i think i could have had a wild party at my house and they wouldnt have noticed. It was kind of nice in a way.

August- went to cheering camp and whipped my ass back into shape and lost 8 lbs. Then we started captains practices and I started running and conditioning for real. I was in awesome shape for once. I helped my moms team almost every weeknight, it was rough at times but rewarding. My flyer ended up getting in a car accident and we had to train a new one, who was awesome in the end!!

Sept- school started and football games. We went 7-4 and our first 6 games we won. Shane Lee was the official talk of the town. Cheering got stressful again but who cares it was worth it. Kind of.

Oct- Cheering season started and we began competing. By the time taylors party roled around I was out of shape again . It was great fun :) me melissa and veronica were the spice girls haha. it was a blast. We lost sean harington and syffered the blow it put onthe team. None of us were the same again after his funeral. Football team continues to win, it was quite nice :)

Nov- brendan turned 14. uhmmmmmmmmmmmmm oh yeah! we competed more and lost our chance at states by 1 point because of one fricken person and it was all her fault. Dont you ahte it when captains do that shit? The season was finally over. For 13 days that is we enjoyed 13 days of nothing not including the rainy thanksgiving game w/out cheering. What a blast

Dec- winter cheering started :) new team and all. Hockey is 6-0 yeah Vikes, we rock :) I love it. i dont love basketball, it fucking sucks ass. Its too boring for me. Christmas vacation owned. i actually had plans for once. i went to a cheering party, opened the presents w/the family and that stuff, went to teh mall with veronica and melanie, cheered a lot...seriously, went skating with jeanette, adn saw the family stone with melissa. good movie, weird ending. New years eve was seriously amazing. Veronica Taylor Melanie, adn I got all dressed up and went to Not Your Average Joes in teh snow. Then we came bak to my house and parties till midnight, It was a blast!!! Best night ever

yupp that was my year!!!!

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[16 Dec 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | contemplative ]

I haven't updated this since the summer. Holy crap. Everything is so different now. School is back and in full swing. Cristmas is in nine days. I am really excited. Fall season was good. Not great, but good. And now winter has started, and everything is diffrent. But I like it just the same.

Everything is so much different from the summer and last year. I barely ever see veronica besides homeroom. And I actually see Melanie alot this year. I love it! But what I don't love is that none of us have sewen Lyssa in a long time. We all love and miss her, and we're happy she's happy. It's different, and definatley something I'm trying to get used to. People come and people go. We lost Sean in October. It was devastating for everyone, especially to teh many who loved him. It hit home during cheering, and gave us inspiration to perform well. Which we did like once out of all out competitions. Each competition we had atleast one mistake. CALS was teh worst. We bombed and barely made it to regionals. Then before regionals we rocked it at Danvers, kicking Pentuckets ass. At regionals, everything was perfect until god damn kira unlocked her knee. Flipping retard. She lost it for us and we were one point shy from states. That brings me to fal adn Erica, they were both injured during the season. But thankfully they will both be walking cast free soon.

Creative writing is my favorite class. I absolutely love it. There is never a dull moment. The kids that are in there with me, I wouldn't hang out with in a million years, but they're still funny. And they are all talented writers. The class helps you break down walls through writing. You can express what ever you want in a journal entry and the teacher doesn't repot you to guidance (however if you do write a story about something that suggests something bad, then your story gets shipped to guidance.) Our class is not shy at all. No one is afraid to critique someones story with out them defeding it or, getting emotional. it's the perfect escape from everything else stressful in outr lives.

Stressful. That is the word I use to describe drama. I hate how when things elavate into full scale drama, it takes everything out of you. We had a couple of days like that, and I was actually directly involved this time. I didn't cause the drama, I just brought it to someones attention. Thank god that's over now. Now Mel is going to avoid what I call "soon to be babies mama drama" yes that's right folks. But I wont get into that. And cheering is also stressful.. I mean why do girls have to be bitches.. Honestly, some people are ridiculous and all they want is attention. And then on top of that they talk behind otheres peoples backs. wich is just annoying, especially when it's you they're talking about. Then you just fell like utter and complete shit. Cuz no one cares. People still treat me like shit. That hasn't changed Unfortunatley.

Everything is different now that papa is gone. every holiday, birthday, seems so different. Myt moms parents went to florida for 6 months. so now im having my first grandparent-less holiday. And it's so hard because I try to think of the papa I knew and loved, the healthy man that actually enjoyed my cheering competition last year because it was upbeat and interesting. The man that went to his grandkids hockey and baseball games. Football too. The man that was infamous for falling asleep at the dinner table, or watching football, or at my dance recitals, or ashleys piana recitals. But it's so hard to when my last images were of him dying in the hospital. The last times I saw him living, it was twice in the same day. The second to last time I saw him, he couldnt speak with out coughing up mukus, adn he qas using an oxygen mask. The last time I saw him, I didn't even relaize I was saying goodbye, I didnt realize he was dying. I dont know how I could have possible been so naive. My 9 year old sister knew, and I was oblivious. he was in teh intensive care unit and I still didn't know. it hit me when we drove home from the hospital. My mom had called my aunt to pack up her vacation in the morning. Thank god she did. Since then I dont let anything get past me. i won't let it, cuz I dont want to get hurt. I'll never be that way, that innocent ever again.

yeah that was massive lol

it's time for degrassi and some ginger snaps


[Let the record play] [memories] [edit]

[11 Aug 2005|12:32pm]
I haven't updated in a while, but nothings really happened recently. I'll post my schedule later once i get it fixed, i need to do some switching that way gym class fits into my schedule!
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[07 Aug 2005|09:07pm]
I went shopping today at the Liberty Tree Mall! I got jeans and 4 shirts at Old Navy, and jeans and a sweater at Wet Seal. It was fun. There is less than one month until school, oh man! I dont think I'm ready for homework, football games, and drama again. I still want to sleep, and go to the beach, and not have to care about school for a lil while longer. Anyone else with me?
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[06 Aug 2005|11:28pm]
[ mood | itchy ]

This was my week in review

Mon-Thurs i was at cheering camp. We were the best team there, who knew? I don't think I have ever sweated so hard in my life, I have heat rash still! So we reviewed basics and other stuff for two days and it seemed kinda pointless until Kristy decided we were getting the damn spirit stick, so the next day we went all out for that and we got it! The next day was the final day and our team won a TON of awards!

*We won grand champs
*we were named team w/the most difficult stunts
*many of our girls were recognized for awesome jumps, and lindsay was named 'best jumper' category
*kira d got 4th or something like that in best all around cheerleader
*manzy was recognized out of the camp for best captain
*more girls were recognized for best tumblers, myself included
*alyce got second in top gun (flying comp)
*lindsay won top gun and i was in her group
*and a few girls got bids to go to the pro bowl

It was really awesome there, we learned so much. We all met some black girls there and they gave us "bppy poppin" class, needless to say i was too white and flunked out of that one aha. And for those of you who have seen crybaby w/johnny depp, one of the counselors there looked like Hatchet-face haha.

After all that, I went to the imax theatre w/Taylor and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory again on Friday. I really love that movie! Then we went shopping at the burlington mall ang i got jeans and a pink tank top at ae, a jean skirt and blue shrug @ wetsea, and 2 tops at aero. Then i slept over, and we went downtown. WE walked around, but we didnt see anyone other then the usual people at the lemonade stand lol.

To top all of this fabulous-ness off, i lost 8 lbs!


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[29 Jul 2005|08:51pm]
[ mood | weird ]

we started cheering today, like actually lifting people. It was fun, and i think we;re going to be good. I have Kira as a flyer w/april, and erica as a back. Im so excited for camp on MOnday I can barely contain myself. Im gonna go watch a movie or somehting and do stuff


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[26 Jul 2005|01:08am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

I think i watched all of the laguna beach re-runs after hanging out with melissa of course. I hate how they spoil like the whole season in previews, watching that first episode was pointless cuz you saw basically all of it in previews! Then i watched 13 and it was effing crazy! I don't see how anyone could let themselves get that extreme, to that point. I wonder if it was a true story? I think it might have been.....wow

ya im tired its 1:12 am


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i frickin hate seagulls [23 Jul 2005|11:05pm]
[ mood | hot ]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory was amazing! I highly reccomend it to everyone!

TOday i went to the beach with my moms side of the family. Everyone went to go look at some birds except for me and my nana who was feeding sea gulls..not a smart idea. Anyways, i fell asleep w/a rice crispie treat in my hand and one of them came and bit me!! i woke up screaming and all these people looked at me like i was crazy and my nana was laughing histerically.

I don't think nearly loosing a finger to a seagull is funny, do you?


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[22 Jul 2005|01:33pm]
[ mood | busy ]

I am at work right now. Go figure lol. After this, i am going back to my nanas and she is taking us (me, brendan, deanna, kiera, ashley, and papa) to the imax theatre where jordans furniture is to see Charlie and the Cocolate factory. She literallly lives 5 minutes away from that place haha. I wish i lived near something cool like that!


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[20 Jul 2005|10:50pm]
[ mood | bored ]

today i went to work and to tumbling, typical cookie cutter day in the life of brittany. Except it was a million degrees in the gym because a: there isn't air conditioning b: the fans are on the ceiling and are used to circulate air and c: you're working out anyways so it will be hot either way. Then we went out to dinner at bugaboo creek w/the family afterwards.

it couldn't get more boring could it?


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[19 Jul 2005|12:12am]
[ mood | drained ]

the wake and funeral are finally done with. im sad that he's gone, but happy that it's over. The flowers at the funeral home gave me allergies, i really don't like dead people, they creep me out, and if theres one thing i hate more than dead people, its when people cry. Time to get back on with life!

 does everybody like the new layout?!?

well thats it for now



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[14 Jul 2005|11:20am]
[ mood | sad ]

Me, Brendan and Ashley said goodbye to my papa Harry last night

He's on morphine, and my dad has been with him since 2am

I don't think ive ever been more sad :'(

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[11 Jul 2005|08:30pm]
[ mood | awake ]

today was actually hot for once

so me and taylor were literally in the pool ALL day haha

fun times

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[09 Jul 2005|05:14pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yesturday i went to the cheering sleepover, and it was really fun even tho 11 people went. We watched cheaper by the dozen, the notebook, white noise, and miss congeniality 2. I love cheaper by the dozen and they're making a second one! I didn't think that the notebook was sad, i actually like the ending because one of them didn't have to watch the other one die. White Noise was dumb, and a few people got really scared for nothing haha. And i fell asleep during miss congeniality 2.

now i am sitting here running on about 4 hours of sleep, and some random allergy attack. I have the worst itchy eyes ever. It sucks! My aunt and uncle are coming over for dinner later, hopefully i will be able to stay awake long enough for that! Then tomorrow, i have to get up early for a 7am cheering practice....woot?


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[06 Jul 2005|11:28am]
[ mood | working ]

i am at work now....
im excited cuz i get to leave early for tumbling class!
YAY for tumbling!!!

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[04 Jul 2005|10:16pm]
[ mood | frustrated ]

happy fourth of july everyone!

I went to the beach today with my brother, aunt helen, uncle kc, and deanna and kiera. My sister got sick so my parents didnt go aha score! Someone in my family gets sick on the 4th of July every year. I was just glad it wasnt me this time. It was so much fun, we went to Cranes off the boat. I found 35 sand dollars! The water wasnt actually that bad for once, it was about 70.

I just realized today that my mom has no opiniun and has to echo everything to my dad that i do. It pisses me off. I called her today and was like, we're home from the beach and now we're gonna watch a movie. And she was like WHAT?!? You have to work tomorrow! im like i know, so she says wut time does it get out, im like idk mom its a regular movie, so she puts my dad on cuz she cant frickin think for herself and hes pissed that i didnt ask if i could watch the movie, (who asks to watch a movie?) Then i got the whole how are you getting home speil amd of course kc drives us home b/c they cant get their ass up and drive! And to top it off my mom drives fucking slow and im seriously ready to take her keys away. She is a bad driver and does not deserve a license! AHHH they piss me off

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[02 Jul 2005|10:55pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

Jaws is a horible movie
do not see it!

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[01 Jul 2005|09:59pm]
1. Reply with your name and I will write something I like about you
2. I will then tell what song reminds me of you
3. If I were to apply an o'clock to you, I'll tell you what it would be
4. I will try to name a single word that best describes you
5. I'll tell you the most memorable moment I've had with you
6. I will tell you what color you remind me of
7. I'll then tell you something that I've always wondered about you
8. Put this in your journal.
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stole this from miss lyss [01 Jul 2005|09:38pm]
[ mood | blank ]

1. First grade teacher's name: Miss Ruhp
2. Last words you said: thank you
3. Last song you sang: incomplete
4. Last person you hugged: i don't remember
5. Last thing you laughed at: my brothers hair
6. Last time you said I don't remember: question 4
7. Last time you cried: when i watched my girl for like 3seconds
9. What color socks are you wearing?: I'm not wearing any, i have slippers on
10. What's under your bed?: im not sure lol
11. What time did you wake up today?: 8ish i had to work
12. Current taste: nothing but i can feel my retainer
13. Current hair: brown that has red in it that will wash out soon
15. Current annoyance: theres a few of them
16.. Current longing: to go see papa in the hospital :'(
17. Current desktop background: cheering picture
18. Current worry: that im going to gain a lot of weight eating all this summer food
19. Current hate: myself as usual
20. Current favorite article of clothing: my uggz but i really cant wear them now so my green heels
22. Last song that you listened to: i dont remember the name of it
24. Least favorite place: new jersey and im happy to say im never going back
25. Time you wake up in the morning: when ever someone tells me to get up
26. If you could play a instrument: piano
27. Favorite color: pumpkin ornage
28. Do you beleve in an afterlife?: i believe in heaven and hell
29. How tall are you: 5'4''
30. current favorite word/saying: i don't really have one
31. Favorite book: divine secrets of the yaya sisterhood
32. Favorite season: summer
33. One person from your past you could go back to talk to?:my nana brenda
34. Your worst fear? i don't really have one
35. What makes you mad? the fact that i havent seen papa yet
36. What is your career going to be like?: a successful one
37. How many kids do you want?: dos por favor
39. Said "I love you" and meant it?: i don't think so
40. Ever gotten in a fight with an animal? i was attacked by bees once when i was four
41. Been to New York: yes
42. Been to Florida: yes three times
43. Been to California: i wish
44. Been to Hawaii: no
45. Been to Mexico: im waiting for spring break lol
46. Been to China: no
48. Dreamed something really crazy and then it happened the next day: i don't think so
49. Are you single: yes, and at the rrate im going, im going to die that way
50. Want to be?: gawwdddddd nooo
51. Do you have a crush on someone?: yea...
52. If yes do they know you have a crush on them?: they did at one point but they probly forgot
53. What books are you reading at the moment?: i just finished keeping the moon so next is Prom
54. Worst feeling in the world: guilt, regret, hate
55. What is the first thing you think when you wake in the morning?: now???
56. How many rings before you answer? depends on ow close i am to a phone
57. Future son's name?: Braden
58. Future daughter's name?: Kalee
59. Who do you sleep with?: no one lol
61. Who do you wish were here?: brittany shepherd
62. Tattoos: no thank you
63. Piercings: i have 4


64. Do you do drugs?: no
65. Do you drink?: no, im already uncoordinated and out of it, i dont need to add to the situation
67. What kind of shampoo and conditioner do you use? garnier fructise
68. What are you most scared of? idk bears?
69. What clothes do you sleep in?: some sort of shirt. And some sort of pj bottoms.
70. Who is the last person that called you?: melissa
71. Where do you want to get married?: outside
72. If you could change anything about yourself what would that be?: the way I appear.
73. Who do you really hate? other than myself, no one really
74. Been in love: no
75. Are you timely or always late??: depends
76. Do you have a job: yes i do!
77. Do like being around people? if i like those people then yes of course
78. Best feeling in the world: achieving a goal
80. Are you a health freak?: depends if i feel fat or not
82. Do you have a "type" of person you always go after?: tall, athletic, and good looking
82. Do you want someone you don't have?: always
83. Are you lonely right now?: a little
84. Ever afraid you'll never get married? yess
85. Do you want to get married?: yes.
86. Do you want children?: yeah


87. Cried: no
88. Bought something: i bought my mom a coffee
89. Gotten sick: no
90. Sang: yess
91. Said I love you: no
92. Wanted to tell someone you loved them: yes
93. Met someone: yes
94. Moved on: no
95. Talked to someone: yes
96. Had a serious talk: no
97. Missed someone: yes
98. Hugged someone: i dont think so
99. Yelled at someone: hmmm probly
100. Thought about someone you can't be with: yeahh

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